World of Darkness MMO: CCP merges with White Wolf

World of Darnkess MMO? Greetings from the EVE Online fan fest in Reykjavik, Iceland. CCP’s CEO Hilmar P├ętursson just announced that his company is merging with White Wolf — the U.S. company behind Vampire: The Masquerade role-playing game and the whole World of Darnkess series of IP. Mike Tinney, the president of White Wolf and the soon-to-be leader of CCP North America made an appearance to bless the alliance.

The possibilities this opens up for the new company are two-fold: 1) taking successful White Wolf properties and turning them into massively-multiplayer games; and 2) leveraging EVE Online IP outside the MMO genre. A World of Darnkess MMO is apparently already being planned. Tinney on ther other hand said he is looking forward to using EVE IP in pen-and-paper role-playing games, strategy games, card games, miniatures, collectibles, novels, and comic books.

EVE Online has already been branched into a collectible card game and a novel. P├ętursson says the merge will allow the original team to concentrate on the MMO. The merger has apparently been prepared for a year now.

There have also been other interesting and more economics related talks here today. I’ll be blogging about those later.

white wolf mmo

i hope they have the changlings as part of the mmo.


I hope that the MMO gies you choice of ‘race’ and clan / tribe / discipline. I guess they’ll base it in the new stuff, so Requiem, Forsaken and Awakened. I hope they bring the Hunters back tho =D

Changlings are lame and gay.

Changlings are lame and gay. They are unpopular overall. There aint gonna be changlings. Yay banality. Die fairy die.

You get my vote…..

God, please no changlings!! Also, I hope it’s not all combat oriented, lets hope there’s a bit of diplomacy or whatnot eh?

Planet Vampire

A good place to discuss the World of Darkness MMO is the Planet Vampire WoD MMO forum.

Says the person who just

Says the person who just doesn’t get it. Then again alot of people didn’t. All they would see are the idiots who wanted to play jerk pooka’s. The game is about paradise, you are living in it now. The dreaming has every wonderous thing you can imagine in it…and every nightmare. But the really sad part is you know what paradise is but in a few years time you know the real world will catch up with you and your memories will fade. All this wonder that you know of now will be forgoten, and you know this. Kindof makes it hard to enjoy the here and now.

Oh god yes an MMORPG WoD! Id

Oh god yes an MMORPG WoD! Id play it!!!!!

that just means EVE-online

that just means EVE-online will be dead in a year or so.
sad to see a potentially great MMO go down the drain.

pre-poster could not be more wrong!

EVE is on it’s way to change it’s graphic engine to directX 10 based (the one that will be used in WOD MMO), they will add massive content in final parts of Revelations patch like cross racial warfare; so on, so on…

And most important soon we will be able to get out of our eggs and walk around space stations and planet surfaces.

No friend, I don’t see EVE dieing any time soon…

CCP said that the WOD MMORPG

CCP said that the WOD MMORPG is being developed by a different team located in Atlanta, precisely in order to make sure that EVE development will not be affected negatively.

As the previous poster implies, there could be positive synergies though — the same technology that is used in the WOD game being used in EVE to enable station walking, for example.

……Just, Wow!….and

……Just, Wow!….and Yay!….Mmmuussst PPlay!Oh yeah! Before I forget; Please, pretty please, don’t let the designers F*** it up like the job which was done with DDO…..what a waste that was…Imagine what could have been!

Lets hope we see All aspects in this one;
Dreamlike and nightmarish Changeling realms and Vampire Covens, Werewolf packs, Mage Orders Alongside a Human Society….. coexisting, the one, ravenous for blood and glamour, feeding on the other, blind and fearful…..with its own heroes and quasi -heroes; its hunters and inquisition. Let’s hope for contrasts like Light and Darkness, Hate and Love….Let’s hope we see Goth and Punk and Retro and Heroine Chique amongst Cold Steel monolithical buildings of the Powerful, and the affluent of global business and politics….Lets hope we get great story! Great story writers! lets hope we see mystical and awe-inspiring secrets dug up out of antiquity……..and combat, lots of combat……..lets hope….

lets hope we can choose

lets hope we can choose clans, and more than the generic gangrel, toreador, brujah, ventrue, and tremere. I want my harbinger, malkavian, ect, gotta love them old clans.

Long live the gangrel!!!!

Long live the gangrel!!!! hurra for WoD

Remember all, it will be NWod

Remember all, it will be NWod, so no malkavian, technocracy or bone gnawer. It’ll be a grayish ground, with, I hope, morality issue. Violent, but with no mob farming (I hope too). Changelings will be back, but not as you know them (forget the pooka too).

It will be real Darkness. With light only to underline it!

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