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Stupid-guy stereotypes is how Grown Ups makes money

If you’re planning on going to the movies this weekend, then the “Grown Ups” review may have an effect on your choice. “Grown Ups” is a guys-behaving-badly comedy that focuses on childhood friends getting together to re-connect. The “Grown Ups” reviews have been certainly mixed. Starring Adam Sandler, this $ 70 million movie wants to pull in at least enough viewership to pay the bills.

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The storyline with the Grown Ups review

Short and sweet is the basic storyline of Grown Ups. Four childhood friends get together when they are adults to reconnect and get to know each other as “Grown Ups.” They behave like stereotypical “bad boys” and play the whole thing for laughs. Fat jokes, peeing in pools, and sexist jokes abound.

‘Grown Ups’ review: what others say

Grown Up reviews are positive only 8 percent of the time on Rotten Tomatoes. Most reviews for “Grown Ups” highlight the humor, lack of cohesive script, scattershot ideas and a stunted-feeling script. There is a concern that this movie is simply a vehicle for Adam Sandler — much like last year’s “Funny People” but more annoying. The Grown Ups stereotypes are obvious. The “Grown Ups” method of handling these overloaded stereotypes, though, is to overplay them time and over again. As much as possible, stereotypes are reinforced.

The financials of ‘Grown Ups’

Grown Ups didn’t cost must to film A budget of “just” around $ 70 million means that the movie only has to have a semi-decent performance to pay back the actors, studio, distribution, and all other associated costs. Last year’s Adam Sandler movie, Funny People, made about $ 23 million during the opening weekend. The humor might be enough to cover costs.