Plans to link the internal markets of Second Life and Entropia Universe announced

Anshe Chung, proclaimed “the virtual Rockefeller” by Business 2.0, has published plans to launch an inter-virtual world financial market, linking the internal markets of Second Life (SL), Entropia Universe (EU) and IMVU. The public launch of the service is set at early June. As I understant, the service makes it possible for e.g. users of SL to use their Linden Dollars for purchasing shares of portfolios consisting of EU assets.

The press release states that RMT is not involved. A possibly related piece of old news: Chung got one of the EU banking licenses a while back.

It’s interesting to see how this works out, where do the virtual world operators stand in this, and whether there’s demand for such markets or not. If the markets thrive, there are interesting related issues – for example, the currency unit of EU, the PED, is pegged to USD, whereas the Linden Dollar is floating. Anyway, the markets inside virtual ecomomies and their external connections are getting more complex, which I guess is not a surprise.

(via 3pointD)

This sounds like something

This sounds like something of the typical Second Life over-hype stories. What’s the benefit over using the normal game money – real money exchange services that already exist?

I am aware that everything-Second-Life nowadays gets media coverage, but I don’t see the casino operators, BDSM parlor owners and owner Second Life “business” invest their money in an unsecured virtual exchange market.

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