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Perceived fairness in micro transactions

I am currently working on my masters thesis on the perceived fairness of micro transactions in online multiplayer games.

My aim is to conduct interviews with players and examine their opinions on the specific game’s micro transaction system. However, I am having a hard time finding respondents and was wondering if anyone in here knew where to find them?

Currently I am not locked down on the specific game, but only that it has to have a dual currency system (as for example in Puzzle Pirates or Combat Arms).

Great blog btw!


Hi Daniel, I would

Hi Daniel,

I would concentrate my search of respondents to community, fan and other related sites of the virtual worlds in question. What some people have done is that they offer virtual prizes to respondents to amass more respondents. Of course if you choose to do this you have to be careful so that the effect of prizes will not make people answer the survey with wrong motivations and obscure your survey data or be otherwise questionable. Giving prizes is easy in your case as the operators facilitate virtual asset sales themselves, so you don’t have to concern yourself with unsanctioned RMT.

Would you like to elaborate on your research plan a bit more? You may also want to ask for help on your mailing list.

Keep us posted, your scope seems interesting.