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World of Darkness MMO: CCP merges with White Wolf

World of Darnkess MMO? Greetings from the EVE Online fan fest in Reykjavik, Iceland. CCP’s CEO Hilmar Pétursson just announced that his company is merging with White Wolf — the U.S. company behind Vampire: The Masquerade role-playing game and the whole World of Darnkess series of IP. Mike Tinney, the president of White Wolf and the soon-to-be leader of CCP North America made an appearance to bless the alliance.  Read more

Virtual Economy Research Network website open

I am happy to announce that the Virtual Economy Research Network website is now ready for action. Welcome!

The purpose of the website is to act as a platform for communication and knowledge dissemination regarding real-money trade of virtual property and related phenomena. In practice, the website has two main features: 1) a bibliography and 2) a blog. In addition, VERN also has an email discussion list.  Read more