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Ability to get a mortgage affected by student loan repayment

Will student loan repayment get in the way if you want to buy a house? Not in case you are on schedule as part of your payments. Because they don’t yet understand how credit and lending works, a lot of graduates often get themselves into trouble by blowing off student loan payments. They don’t find any young people who are responsible for building their own credit score. You need to start with student loans and credit cards.  Read more

Lobbyists trying to fight to weaken mortgage rules in financial reform

The U.S. House and Senate will start on refining mortgage legislation Tuesday. The legislation would like to enforce the biggest overhaul to mortgage lending rules in decades. The mortgage legislation is intended to end the risky lending practices blamed for causing the financial crisis. Mortgage industry lobbyists are working really hard to take the teeth out of provisions that would protect consumers and limit the industry’s ability to find loopholes in underwriting standards.  Read more