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Live webcast for VERN mini-seminar on item payment revenue models

Next Tuesday’s (Sept. 26) next mini-seminar on massively-multi user services and item payment revenue models will be streamed live over the web. Those watching the stream will be able to take part in the discussion using a chat interface. After the seminar, the video will be available for download.

The stream will be available at Currently, the address is displaying a test stream, which I recommend you try out now to make sure your software is compatible.

The seminar starts at 13:00 Helsinki local time (10:00 GMT). Speakers are professor Leo Sang-Min Whang from Yonsei University, Korea; Sulka Haro, Lead Cocept Designer for Habbo Hotel; and Teddy Grenman, one of the founders of Dynamoid, the company behind IRC-galleria and Dark Portal. Questions that will be addressed during the seminar include “how is demand for virtual items created?” and “what are the limits of virtual property trade?”

There are some seats open for physical attendants as well. Please email me at if you wish to participate.

A lot of people have signed

A lot of people have signed up and it looks like we will have a nice seminar tomorrow. On Wednesday, Prof. Whang will also give a lecture at the Games & Storytelling series, see:

Whang’s bio in English can be found at:

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