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Best Sites for Cricket Betting in the UK Revealed

two man playing cricket
Cricket betting has grown massively and has developed internationally since the development of the Internet. Cricket betting in the UK is enjoyable for fans and is an integral part of the sporting experience for many. Continue reading to learn about how and where we reveal the best sites to place bets.

Introduction to Cricket Betting in the UK

Cricket betting in the UK fundamentally involves you choosing from either teams or players, predicting whether either will do well or poorly. There are many different types of bets that you can place on the listed websites, but here are the most popular and common types.

Match Betting

Match betting is pretty straightforward. You can choose whether a team will win, lose, or draw, and you bet against the odds provided by the bookmakers. This is the most popular and common type of betting for novice fans.
If you are not familiar with the sport of cricket, batsmen can score runs by either hitting the ball and running between the wickets or by hitting the ball to or past the boundary. Innings runs betting involves you guessing how many runs a team will have by the end of the inning.

Top Bowler

Players take wickets while they play to get the batsmen out. The player who has removed the most wickets is the top bowler. You can bet on either the specific player or on the winning team of that player.

Tournament or Series Winner

Cricket, like other team-based sports, has tournaments and series facing off against teams multiple times. You can also bet for the winner of a tournament or series.

Over/Under Bet

For this type of bet, a sportsbook will announce the number of runs they believe a team will score. Depending on how you bet, you have to pick a number you think will be scored, and you will make the difference or pay the difference. 

Method of Dismissal

The method of dismissal bet is one of the most fun and exciting betting options to choose from. With this betting option, you predict how you think a batsman will lose his wicket.

Win Toss

A win toss bet involves you choosing who will win the coin flip. This is a quick and easy bet popular with amateur fans and those with a few quid in their pockets. Similarly, the toss combination bet involves choosing who will win the coin toss and whether they will decide to bowl or bat first.

Best Betting Sites for Cricket Betting in the UK 


Unibet is placed first on this list that is for a very good reason  On the list of cricket betting sites UK, Unibet offers the most betting options for cricket fans. Unibet allows people to choose from active and future matches locally and internationally.
  You can make bets on players, overall match scores, wicket-takers, first innings, and more. Unibet also has a very functional app that allows you to place bets on your phone and deposit money straight into your bank account.


  • The largest amount of betting options.
  • App available.


  • Unreliable cash-out option.


Bet365 is one of the biggest names in sports betting for a good reason. As the global titan in all types of sports betting and casino betting, it is no wonder that they also offer a great variety of cricket betting options.
With Bet365, you can choose from many different betting options depending on your strategy. The most common options are match result bets, top score bets and exact score bets. Most importantly, if you have an account with Bet365, you can watch live cricket matches at home or on your mobile device.


  • Mobile compatibility.
  • Variety of Game options to choose from.


  • Site has fewer promotions for existing customers compared to others.


Betway is a newer company to the cricket betting industry, but don’t let that get you into thinking that they are inexperienced. Betway offers very competitive cricket odds on several leagues, including the County Championship, the Indian Premier League and other major leagues, tournaments, and series. Depending on when you choose to bet, you are given the choice of many different betting options during or before a match. Choose the match winner or top batters to win the most.
Like all other betting sites, you simply need to create an account on Betway. Then you can judge whether your favourite team will win or not. 


  • Many different league options.
  • Live betting.


  • Not all leagues are included on the website.

William Hill

William Hill is a pioneer of the sports betting industry in the UK. While many people use and know William Hill for horse racing, William Hill also offers excellent bets for cricket matches. Their platform allows for very diverse bets in many different leagues. Popular betting options include match winner, toss winner, top scorer, top bowler, most boundary runs by a player and more.
William Hill offers a weekly insurance program for cricket bets. As long as you make single bets below £100, you can recoup 10% of your losses.


  • In-play cricket insurance.
  • A comprehensive range of bets.


  • The website can be difficult to use.


888sport is becoming an increasingly more popular betting platform for cricket fans internationally. This operator allows you to choose from many different leagues and tournaments. That including, but not limited to, the Twenty20 leagues and the famous Ashes series between England and Australia. You can also bet on test matches and live events.
888sport offers live updates and strategy information on their website and mobile app. You can also place bets on the 888sport app. 


  • Great app.
  • Simple to use the website.


  • Customer service is not available 24/7.

To conclude

Cricket is one of the most popular sports played in the UK. The sport has its origins stemming from as early as the 16th century in England. Since then cricket went on to become the national sport of England in the 18th century. During that era, the sport was introduced to India and Australia by sailors. Now in modern times, there are many cricket leagues that people follow. 
Cricket betting in the UK offers probably the most diverse types of gambling options. Cricket is an enjoyable sport to watch, and betting provides new opportunities and incentives to it.