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CFPs related to virtual goods, economies in Spring 2009

Blank Sheet of Paper by (CC) mark78_xpThis semester I am aware of no less than four Calls for Papers with some relation to virtual goods, economies and currencies: one conference call, one workshop call and two journal issues. Great publishing opportunities for any student and scholar.

Please let me know if I am missing something that should be on the list and I will add it.

Updated: see also JVWR’s call on technology, economy and standards.

FaVE 2009

First International Conference on Facets of Virtual Environments
Submission deadline: February 13
Conference dates: July 27-29, Berlin, Germany

Seems to be a new general interest academic conference on virtual environments. Program committee includes some familiar nimes like Richard Bartle, Julian Dibbell.

Virtual Goods 2009

7th International Workshop for Technical, Economic and Legal Aspects
of Business Models for Virtual Goods
Submission deadline: April 30
Workshop date: September 22, Nancy, France

I noticed this workshop series a couple of years ago already, but the fact is that they use the term “virtual goods” in a somewhat different meaning from ours. The focus is on information goods such as music and media files, and the business of selling those over the Internet. In the past, the technical and legal aspects of Digital Rights/Restrictions Management technology (DRM) have been a major topic. However, this year the CFP also mentions Second Life, so it sounds like they are expanding the scope towards virtual item business as well. I would be interested to hear if anyone is attending.

JVWR on Virtual Economies, Goods, Services

The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research is devoting an issue to “Virtual Economies, Virtual Goods and Service Delivery in Virtual Worlds”.
Deadline for submitting abstracts: June 15

Grad students and others worried about the sometimes long and laborious process of getting a paper published in an academic journal might want to check out Journal of Virtual Worlds Research. Initial review seems to be abstract based.

Journal of Brand Management Special Issue

The Journal of Brand Management has a special issue call titled “Digital and Virtual World Research on Brands and Marketing Development”.
Submission deadline: May 2009

Journal of Brand Management is a high quality research outlet in the marketing field. This special issue is no doubt partly a nod towards campaigns that have taken place in services such as Second Life, Habbo and Facebook, often involving branded virtual items and spaces.

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