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Blizzard seeks statistical data analyst, SWI opens Greenland

Econometrics and statistics grad students reading this blog might be interested in the following news: Blizzard is seeking a data analyst for what sounds like it could be World of Warcraft ingame log data coupled with customer records. Thanks to Dmitri Williams for the heads-up. According to Dmitri, the position is of flexible rank/seniority, from an advanced undergrad to a Ph.D.

In other news, Edward Castronova’s Synthetic Worlds Initiative at Indiana University has opened their second game, “a browser-based game of kingdoms, trade, diplomacy, and warfare in the stone age” called Greenland for beta testing. The aim seems to be to study the emergence of commodity money, but looks like it could be an enjoyable game as well!

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a data analyst to join our online technologies team. The ideal candidate will be a good communicator and have the technical expertise to support projects that require heavy data-crunching and applying statistical techniques.


* Develop analytical and data-mining solutions to understand game design and key business behaviors such as player acquisition and retention.
* Work independently as a professional modeler to design and construct sophisticated mathematical/statistical models used to forecast key metrics. Work closely with executives and team leads to provide insight into game and business data.
* Effectively communicate statistical findings to senior management, both in written and oral presentations.


* Relevant disciplines for study include computer science, statistics, operations research, industrial engineering, and mathematics, or business administration, marketing, or management with strong quantitative focus
* 3-5 years experience in statistical model development/data mining
* Flexibility, including ability to adapt quickly to changing priorities; ability to operate in an ambiguous environment
* Knowledge of reporting software packages


* Experience with segmentation and clustering
* Experience with decision tree analysis
* Experience in CRM, database marketing, or analytics consulting
* Experience working with neural networks, genetic algorithms, and other computational methods
* Project management skills; ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously to meet objectives/key deadlines
* Previous experience in business analyst roles
* Experience with relational databases