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Bibliography upgrade

The bibliography of the Virtual Economy Research Network has been the most prominent library of scholarly papers covering the issues of virtual asset sales, secondary markets, virtual economies, as well as laws and regulations related to them.

…Well, the bibliography just got even better!

We upgraded to biblio module to better facilitate handling of reference data of publications, as well as to enable integration to reference softwares such as Endnote or Zotero. It is now possible to export publication data with a single click to reference managers. While the old system only allowed input of basic information, the new system supports the whole array of possible specified reference data. These new features are available for registered users. Other minor upgrades to the bibliography include filtering and better sorting of entries.

We encourage you to 1) register, 2) submit your papers by fully utilizing the new features of the new bibliography and putting up your papers with full reference data, and 3) linking your papers to your VERN profile through “My account/edit” –menu. This not only helps us to maintain the comprehensiveness of the bibliography, but also makes it easier for you and others to download and reference papers.

If you spot mistakes in current entries or if your earlier unpublished working paper has been since published and the biblio entry needs updating, please contact me or make a new entry of the same paper.

old bibliography still

old bibliography still at
will remain?

It will be unpublished soon.

It will be unpublished soon. But thanks for pointing that out. Many people probably had bookmarks to the old address.


Have you tried Mendeley? I use it all the time, it organises all your pdfs, is a bibliography manager, sorts out all the meta-data and also hosts a researcher network where you can collaborate with other researchers.