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Arden and experimentation in virtual worlds

Wikimedia CommonsThere are two main types of social science experiments that can, in principle, be conducted in virtual worlds. First, with access to necessary logs of an existing virtual world, one could conduct natural experiments, observing e.g. the effects of the introduction of a new feature. Second, with the necessary influence in some virtual world, one could set up and conduct controlled experiments, that is, tweak some property or rule of the world and observe how it affects the behavior of the participants.

The Arden project, headed by Edward Castronova, has the ambitious goal of building a virtual world for the purpose of conducting the latter kind of experiments. A version of Arden is now available for testing and downloading.

A virtual world specifically designed for experimentation is relying heavily on voluntary agents. The same goes, naturally, for any virtual world. Setting technical difficulties aside, giving the users incentives to participate is probably one of the more difficult tasks of any virtual world developer. The first version of Arden is, according to its developers, not very successful in this aspect.

The tone of the above-linked post on Arden is, however, perhaps more positive than the previous one just a couple of months ago. A more game-like version of the virtual world and some experimentation results are promised for the next year – though probably not yet the ones that “revolutionize social science”.

are VW closed systems?

What first pop into my mind thinking making social experiments (of both types) in VWs is that Virtual Worlds are not closed systems. VW are not in any way comparable to “controlled situations” widely used in experimental psychology. When you introduce a new feature in a game people could learn about that reading a forum and discovering how to cheat it (or anything else) Instant Messaging with friends. Where would you set the borders of the observed system? If you accept that game’s forums (maybe officials) are part of the “game experience” do you really think you can use a VW like an experimental system?

In world research

A recent paper discussing the possibility of doing research in world, which might be of interest, is available at:

Re: In world research

Excellent, thanks.

Regarding the issue of

Regarding the issue of closedness: One observation from EVE Online I’ve always found interesting is that some players have a strong will to communicate their real-world national identity to others. They accomplish this by painting ASCII flags on their profiles, using nationalistic mottos and ridiculing other nationalities. I don’t know about wars, but at least skirmishes have been started just because of someone’s real-world nationality, so it does affect in-game events.

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