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A Quite Profitable Virus

A worm virus (targeted to steal passwords for the ubiquitous QQ service and other game accounts)with the logo of Xiongmao Shaoxiang (Panda burns joss-sticks), has hit millions of computers in China since November 2006. According to Xinhua, BEIJING, Feb. 13 Police Monday arrested eight suspects involved in producing and disseminating a severe computer virus. It was the first case related to the spreading of computer viruses in China. The virus writer programmed the virus on Oct. 16, 2006, and made more than 100,000 yuan (13,000 U.S. dollars) selling it to over 120 people via the Internet both himself and through agents. In my opinion, it would alarm everyone who cares about the security of the online property. Up to now, commercial virus development scales much better than the current security countermeasures. The huge illegal profit stimulates such net hacker to steal in a scale.

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