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Beyond e-business models: the road to virtual worlds

TitleBeyond e-business models: the road to virtual worlds
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsCagnina, M R., & Poian M.
JournalElectronic Commerce Research
Pagination49 – 75
Date Published2009
Keywordsapproach, Business model, drivers of value, qualitative, radar map, virtual worlds

Virtual Worlds (or, VWs) are an intriguing field of research. In particular, VWs appear to create new opportunities for integrating the business of the firm with Information Technology (or, IT). This article is a first attempt to address the topic of how owning and maintaining a VW can impact on the business models of firms and on the literature on business models, and VWs are examined in order to understand the relationship between them. A qualitative methodology is proposed to sketch a radar map framework, which is able to identify value drivers and the subsequent impact on elements of value proposition. Although they need to be tested and verified, the findings provided in this work might offer support for firms looking to VWs as a new way to implement a winning business model. Finally, suggestions for empowering future research are proposed and examined.